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For me, being fat and being a woman has meant that my body does not belong to me. Fancy Feast is a professional burlesque performer, a sex educator, and Miss Coney Island Because so many people cling to the idea that rape is about sex, victims need to be perceived as attractive in order for their assault to be believable even then, it is a struggle. When I prep for heavy deadlifts, I use straps to tighten my grip around the bar. Accompanying the assertion that vaginas on fat bodies are more accommodating, is the belief that they are capable of enduring rape. Three years in, it can still earn its reputation. Pedestrian killed in Joburg wall collapse.

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I am expected to be grateful for the permission to exist.

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Mainstream beauty standards generally exalt women who are thin, and even more so if they are white. Thanks for signing up! He said he was in the back seat by himself. She stared through him for a moment and then back down at her phone. It was about 5pm. Most Read on IOL. In the early years of colonization, while having sexual contact with a white woman was punishable by law, the rape of a Black woman was legally impossible.

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